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's google vs. microsoft. as the web search giant develops a computer operating system. and the software giant goes after the web search market. >> susie: another nasty quarter for alcoa, as the aluminum giant kicks off earnings season. the metals maker says it's facing the most serious downturn in the history of the aluminum industry. >> susie: tonight's "street critique" guest says he's not sure there ever were any economic green shoots. he's paul larson, equities strategist at morningstar. i'm susie gharib. this is "nightly business report" for wednesday, july 8. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> susie: good evening, everyone. more funding today for president obama's ambitious healthcare reform plan. the nation's hospitals agreed to give up $155 billion in medicare and medicaid payments over the next ten years to help pay for the plan. vice president joe biden announced the agreement at the white house, saying the administration's overhaul of health care is "on track,
the nt decade. cong up, what the effort means for health care rerm. >> jef it's google vs. crosoft. as the web search giant delops a computer orating system. and the softwa giant goes aftethe web search market. >> susieanother nasty quarter for alcoa, as the alinum giant kicks off earnin season. the metals maker says it facing the most serious downrn in the history of the uminum dustry. >> susie: tonighs "street critiq" guest says he's not sure there ever were any economic green shos. he's paul lars, equities stratest at morningstar. i'm susie gharib. this is "nightlyusiness report" r wednesday, july 8. "nightly business port" is madpossible by: this program was madpossible by ctributions to your pbs station from viewersike you. thanyou. >> susie: good evening everyone. more funng today for president obama'ambitious healthcare reform plan. the nation's hospitals agrd to give up $155illion in medicare and medicaid paymentover the next ten years to lp pay for the pl. vice preside joe biden announcethe agreement at the white house,aying the administration's orhaul of health ce is "on
to the stolen free product then charge for it. the google offices in washington, d.c. hosted this event. it's an hour. >> it is my great pleasure to be here with you this morning. i am a huge fan of your work and of the magazine so it's a true pleasure. that said -- >> uh-huh. >> free, you got to be kidding me. >> it's technically got to begin with h. >> i know it took you 250 pages to write the book. >> but my children when i told -- that dad's written a book about how stuff can be free on the internet, they're like, you didn't? dad, duh, it's bits. they're free. and when i tell my peers, people my age, you know, that chris anderson has written a book about how things can be free on the internet, they're like chris, you didn't. don't you know there's nothing as a free lunch i think free is the must understood four-letter word in legal issue which is the others which are well-well understood. very basically it's not really free-free, though. well, sometimes it is. see, this is -- you know, what i've learned about this was one little word is just how it's changed in meaning, how it twists ou
, and google goes for microsoft. could the face-off between the two giants spark a computer price war? hello to british and american forces in afghanistan, in during one of the bloodiest weeks since they were deployed eight years ago, and the british defense secretary warned the country must prepare for many more casualties. he was responding to the death of another british soldier, at the seventh in seven days. seven americans died on monday. in the river valley, a major assault against the taliban is under way. our british correspondents have been on the front line with british troops. >> this is a brutal struggle, where the line between life and death has become dangerous. chasing an enemy who has chosen to stand and fight. [gunfire] >> get down! where that is coming from -- >> stay there. >> just stay down, stay low! any casualties, mate? >> they slowly inched through the fields. hundreds of troops, with almost limitless firepower, throwing everything they had at the insurgents, and yet, the taliban attack again and again. [gunfire] in the last few minutes, british troops have begun to b
for technology. google and ibm after the bell today there's only one place to get that number and analysis, and that's right here on "the closing bell" with maria, which is going to continue tomorrow. a huge day. bank of america, citi, and ge. the bell's going to ring, and then maria's going to pick you up. >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody. welcome back to "the closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange. busy day on wall street today. gains across the board for the most part. stocks rallying here. let's tell what you we're following at the close today.y. comments today by long-time bear nouriel roubini from nyu. he says "the worst is behind us." this from dr. doom? the recession will end this year, he said. he's known for predicting the weakness and the upset in the markets and has been nicknamed dr. doom. it turned the market around today. as a result the dow jones industrial average and the s&p 500 stretching their winning streak four. nasdaq hitting seven straight wins. up next any moment we are going t
the right to be suspicious but 21st century free really is a and google does not show up in your credit card statement. what is different of the underlying economics of digital stuff would ever caustic gets cheaper we have never had the industrial economy which is deflationary. >> google is a great example because i am a huge your -- eight big user of the products. but somebody pays for the. >> guest: i should not have to tell the radio guy. >> you are telling them. [laughter] >> guest: i should not have to tell this review buy it is possible for things to be free. free geo -- radio is free television is free although the advertiser pays does not make it less there is no such thing as a free lunch it does have a monetary and non monetary economy so when i pick up the check he pays me with his time and attention and reputation and he will tell me things that will be of the label he will pay in one way or another but not in money so your audience pays inattention and your reputation. you are absolutely right that you pay for google with your time and attention and if you click on the ad then b
in a conversation with michael arrington of techcrunch. >> what is google becoming? it's almost like everybody's chasing twitter right now. and facebook clearly is. but when it comes down to it, the social aspect of facebook, where your friends are recommending things to you which could be products or news items and the constant loging into the site 25 times a day ising? google needs to address. >> rose: peter orszag, grent scowcroft, michael arrington next. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new rk city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: last night we broadcast part one of our interview with peter orszag, president obama's budget director. here's part two of that conversation about the economy. as you know with respect to the stimulus bill, the real criticism-- which i'm going to come to in a moment-- is that it wasn't written by congress. that $787 billion was written by congress and therefore all of these earmarks came into play and therefore in the end of this year you will have only spent 11% of the stimulus money. >> all right. let's deal with the recovery act b
8,700 actually. and we are waiting on ibm and google. those are the key numbers coming out after the close tonight. google is higher today ahead of the numbers. scott, nasdaq up 17 points and the s&p also stronger as we take a look there also at the high of the afternoon. >> and our team is covering the markets at the nyse, the nasdaq, and the nymex, but first of course we we start with bob pisani who's our eye on the floor of the new york stock exchange. hey, bob. >> what an interesting day it has been, scott. let's take a look at our midday rally. and folks, maria and scott are absolutely right because at 1:20 p.m. eastern time headlines came out from nouriel roubini. and here's all they said. the worst is behind us in terms of economic and financial conditions. now, you might scratch your head and say you've got to be kidding me, we've got a rally on that? believe it or not, the dow jones industrial average has rallied essentially 100 points since that comment came out. so there's a clear relationship. we had particularly moves up in industrials, techs, and materials. and thos
in this and everyplace else. >>> plus, is google aiming a death blow at microsoft? it's chrome versus windows, a new high-tech melodrama. >>> meanwhile, the first profits report of the post-credit cries sis season, alcoa loses money, but beats the street. >>> the big story today, stocks up slightly, but a downdraft in oil, gold, commodities and treasury rates. investors are still concerned about our economic future. we're going to try to show you where to put your cash. >>> fasten your seat belts, everybody, the "kudlow report" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow, welcome back to the "kudlow report," where we believe free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity, and that includes letting oil markets trade without government meddling, limits or controls for both large and small investors for the broadest possible base and the largest volume, all of which will make it a more efficient market. that's really topic "a" tonight as oil prices continue to drop with economic fears lingering among investors and, therefore, prices are coming down. what's so hard about this story?
. >> see you tomorrow. >>> this is cnbc.com news now. >>> google says its interested to learn more about the microsoft/yahoo search deal. steve voluntarily mer has said he expected, quote, a competitor to raise antitrust objections. >> oil prices have extended losses after the energy department reported a 5.1 million barrel drop in weekly inventories, and hotel operator windom is seeing its shares rise after better than expected quarterly earnings. that's it from cnbc. i'm courtney reagan. >>> good morning, and welcome to "the call." i'm trish regan. we are off by 33 points on the dow. we're going to talk about exactly where this economy is heading, where you need to put your money right now. it's all coming up. larry. >> thanks, trish. i'm larry kudlow. executive compensation is a hot button issue on wall street, and congress. the house to vote on their version on friday. but this morning, we'll debate the issue with republican jeff hencer ling and democrat gregory mooes. >> and the microsoft/yahoo partnership. what effect will it have on google? this is "the call" on cnbc. >>> all righ
introduced aew search engine, google is to introduce a new operatingystem. from new yk, this report. >> google so dinates internet arch that its name has become a verb. to google mns to search the ternet. when itomes to computer soware, andrucial operating systems, microsoft has been a minant ayer for decades, but industry watchers, like jim saying gooe could giv microsoft a run fo its money. >> when you are looking it is trantioning to the internet, wher the internet is now be morefficient operating system. >> it is said th google's massive presence makes it goo for an operang system. the editor of "pc magazine" says that google makes it faster d easier. >> the operating systeman be the main thing thagets out of the way. that would be one benefit. thother benefit wld be secuty. >> microsoft i so widely used that its software is mpting for hackers and vuses. a new system could be more sistant. >> microsoft isot standing still. they knowhey have to move their business online. they e very aware of it,so they are going aft google, and they are also moving course software applicatns onl
after the bell, google and ibm. brian shachtman has the latest from earnings central. >> hello. i won't get into too many details because jimmy goldman will go over in a minute. is there any danger in buying these stocks at these levels. >> look at google. it made 1.5 billion. still sensitive, you take a look at it where it's been, it's had a nice little ride. where these spots, even though it's pulling back now, it's had a really nice run? what do you do? is it topee ibm is a better example because it's increasing tonight after-hours whereas google is down. made 3 billion, raised its guidance, year-to-date up more than 30%, you can see right there. bottom line, if you're not in there, do you buy or toppy? google, you might think you can buy in a dip but don't get that opportunity with ibm. when it comes to earnings, collateral damage, look at yahoo right now, a situation where after-hours, it's down. why is that? it's being dragged down by google. you can't always assume something in that sector will happen. take a look, look at nokia rim, apple and palm today, nokia hammered on earn
. i'm pleased to have him back on this proam. welcome, sir. >> hello, charlie. >> rose: google versus microsoft. now ve bing, their search engine at microsoft,nd chrome, which is going to be an operating system, a browser and an operating system. >> yeah, it's fascinating because you think google as a sear engine companyhich most of the revenue derived from sear marketing and microsoft as a sort of sofare company. windows and office that'swhere ey get their revenue. the companies are competing head on vicioly because microsoft want search share. there's so much money in it. so they've got bipg and they're trying to do thgs with yahoo! and google, i don't know if they want revenue from officend the operating system, but the certainly want to take that revenue from microft. soou have them with crow mow and goog docscompeting with windows and office. and th're going at each othes core businesses and it's fascinateing to watch. >> rose: dthey really look to havereat success in that? do theexpect to take away a lot of microsoft's operating system? >> if you listeno eric schmidt at google
: google continues to search out profits. the company posted a near 20% rise in second quarter earnings. but the giant web search engine isn't firing on all cylinders. we'll explain. >> paul: i'm paul kangas. >> susie: and i'm susie gharib. this is "nightly business report" for thursday, july 17. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. 7//& >> susie: good evening, everyone. hank paulson was back in the spotlight on capitol hill today, but it wasn't the kind of homecoming he expected. testifying before a house committee, the former treasury secretary was grilled on his role in bank of america's controversial purchase of merrill lynch. facing harsh accusations from lawmakers, paulson defended his decisions and actions in the deal. in the past month, fed chairman ben bernanke and bank of america ceo ken lewis also faced tough questioning from this committee. but as dana bate reports lawmakers are still looking for answers. >> reporter: former treasury secretary henry paulson may be
to take on google which currently commands about 65% share of the u.s. market. agreement follows microsoft's failed take over bid for yahoo! shows the continuing importance it is placing on search. joining me from redmond, washington, is nick win field of the "wall street journal." here in new york, with me, steven levy of "wired" magazine and erick schonfeld coed for of techcrunch blog. i am pleased to have all here. nick, tell me, how this deal happened first. >> it started last year with the c.e.o. of microsoft, steve ballmer, making an unsolicited bid for closed to $48 billion to acquire i can't hoovment never happened, yahoo! resisted the offer. temp apart, fast forward to about january, yahoo! has new c.e.o., carol bartes and microsoft and yahoo! start talking about a more limited deal, not a full blown acquisition in which microsoft basically take over the search operations, handle the search operations on yahoo! in exchange for some value. and the deal went through all sorts of fits and starts and finely arrived at the deal you described a moment ago. all of this being designed to
, charlie. >> rose: google versus microsoft. we nowhave bing, their search engine at microsoft, and chrome, which is going t be an operating system, a browser and an operating system. >> yeah, it's fascinating because you thinof google as a sech engine company which most of the revenis derived from sech marketing and microsoft as a sort of stware company. windows and offi, that's where they get their revenue. ese companies are competing head on vicusly because microsoft was search shar there's so much money it. so they've got bipg and they're trying to do ings with yahoo! and goog, i don't know if they want revenue from office and the operating system, but ty certainly want to ta that revenue from micsoft. you have them with crow mow and gole docs competing with windows and office. and ey're going at each otr's core businesses and it's fascinateing to watch. >> rose:o they really look to ha great success in that? do ty expect to take away a lot microsoft's operating system? >> if you list to eric schmidt at google, it seems interpret serious that ty want to do innovative things their op
," robert thompson recently referred to the google and yahoo! of the world as tapeworms. >> i couldn't understand what you said. >> robert thompson of "the wall street journal" recently referred to google and yahoo! of the news world as tapeworms. >> absolutely. >> do you agree? why? >> google especially global news is a wonderful way to get any information my subject. you go to, type been a subject and upcoming articles. they are for the most part articles published in newspapers the person who goes to those articles is a customer of google effectively. they are not a customer of the newspaper that paid reporter salary that put that up and i think on till reporters and journalists and news organizations find a way to make a google pay for taking their work and labour and selling ads on googled google is making lots of money in fact ducal makes most of the money that's made for advertising on the web made by google and next to them yahoo! but they don't hire reporters and they have no hand in creating that news. they feed off of it like a tapeworm feeding off somebody's guts acting a
to google. yahoo has agreed to used microsoft's new search engine bing. once millions of yahoo users check out bing it will break the habit of using google. in return yahoo gets most of the ad revenue. the company spent about a year and a half firming up the deal. >>> more than a billion apps have been downloaded for the iphone. they rejected google voice. for one reason it kpeecompetes services from at&t. it lets users access multiple phones from a single number. it also provides text versions of voice messages. despite the rejection, google and apple remain tight. so tight regulators are always looking for any sign of anticompetition trade practices. >>> the first e-commerce store is open for business. 1-800-flowers.com features a link to make shoppers make purchases while remaining on facebook. you have to type in all the characters, 1-800-flowers.com. shortened versions will land you on pages critical of the company. so far, only 1600 people have signed up for the fan page. >>> lawyers hope a jailhouse interview with bernie madoff will mean more money can be returned to his victims. at
is google watching you? and how much does it already know? it is creepy, and it is coming up. having to go in the middle of traffic and just starting and stopping. having to go in the middle of a ballgame and then not being able to go once i got there. and going at night. i thought i had a going problem. my doctor said i had a growing problem. it wasn't my bladder. my prostate was growing. i had an enlarging prostate that was causing my urinary symptoms. my doctor prescribed avodart. (announcer) over time, avodart actually shrinks the prostate and improves urinary symptoms. so i can go more easily when i need to go and go less often. (announcer) avodart is for men only. women should not take or handle avodart due to risk of a specific birth defect. do not donate blood until 6 months after stopping avodart. tell your doctor if you have liver disease. rarely sexual side effects, swelling or tenderness of the breasts can occur. only your health care provider can tell if symptoms are from an enlarged prostate and not a more serious condition like prostate cancer. so have regular exams. call yo
of google and whether he's feeling any heat from new competition. crucial economic data out, jobs and housing prices and what does it all mean and how could it affect the economy. and economic advice from the motl motley crue investing 0 for the long term. "wall street journal" report begins right now. >> this is america's number 1 financial news program, the "wall street journal" report, now, maria bartiromo. >> now, here's bill griffeth with some of the stories in the headlines this week. >> thanks, maria. here's what's making news as we head to a new week on wall street. unemployment continues to rise. june jobs number was worse than analysts had been expecting. the economy lost 467,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate at 9 1/2%, up 1/10 of 1%, the highest since august of 1983. the markets wrapped up the second quarter tuesday with the best show iing. it rose 11%, its best performance since 2003 up 15%, best quarter since 1998 and nasdaq up 20%, posting its best numbers since 2003. the dow kicked off the new quarter on wednesday, on an up note but fell on thursday. the ma
's with group one trading. thank you tom. google is taking aim at microsoft after announcing plans to roll out its own p-c operating system, google chrome os, which should arrive to market in the second half of next year. though google did say chrome will work with full- powered desktop computers, the operating system will target the growing market for netbooks, or smaller computer designed primarily for web use. "microsoft has a problem with netbooks. their current operating system, microsoft vista, does not run on netbooks. their older software, microsoft xp does. so if nothing else, this is a way for google to annoy microsoft." with pricetags as low as $300 netbook sales have exploded in the past 3 years. according to market research firm idc, less than 200-thousand netbooks were sold in 2007, compared with more than 11 million in 2008 and a projected 21 million this year. whether or not that trend continues could be the key to google's foray into microsoft territory. "we'll see what happens in 2010, 2011, 2012 when the economy hopefully rebounds. there's a lot of pricing pressure on
business news next. >>> plus, david and goliath. google challenging microsoft on what it does best. >>> $30 air tickets and other des, as the airlines face a dismal summer season. ♪ / >>> general motors' brief trip through bankruptcy court could end as early as midnight. that's when a judge is expected to free the automaker to close the sale of its best assets to a new government-controlled company. gm will emerge a smaller, more nimble company. that may not be the only big change. the company is said to be considering the blue background on its iconic logo to green. a sign of its new commitment to fuel-efficient cars. >>> wall street begins to turn its focus to corporate earnings today. aluminum giant, alcoa, kicked off last night to a loss. experts feared the results would be worst. that helped boost the stock in late trading. >>> overseas investors appear unsure of what to make of the alcocoa reresults.s. tokyo's nikkkkeiverageelell 1.1% y. and d n londndon, the ftse open higher. the dodow at after adding g 15 points yesterdaday. the nasdaq ticd up 1 p point t close e at 1747. >>> we
that taken google and build up the ad share bond what it has mbined withahoo! >> charlie: did bg make a difference he at fact, the fact that bing has gotten th miosoft search engeneral as gotten good reviews? >> think bing mad a big difference. nofrom bing, bing is only out for tw months. but it's me a lite bit of in in sre, .4%. is that going to last over time? o knows. yahoo! dn't want to find out. the bi oblem heres that yahoo! really -- they walked away from the most interting fight on the intne right now which is search. and theyanded it over to microsoft for less than any of th previous deals tha were on the table. the foyereal deals on th table go back to 45 or $48 billion fer in february of 2008. the revised search dl which included $8 blion to buy 16% of yahoo! and a billion dollar payment for the searcpart of the buness. the gag l deal that got squashed. this dl washe worst of all the deals. and as steve mentions, the deal introduces a l ofomplexity, right? w you're going to have yaho salepeople selling microsoft's search product. yahoo! sales people hav enough oblem talking
search engine audience and has a potentially potent weapon in its fight against google. jon najarian, what are we seeing in the reaction of the stocks. yahoo investors are seeming to think they didn't get enough out of deal. >> yeah, they wanted a lot more. and isn't that always the case, investors want more than they've got. i think in this case they were looking for something that just wasn't there, michelle. i mean, yahoo outsearched to  goolgsz, which was their search engine years ago. they have tried to do it on their own, and as carol bartz has said, this company is not about search anymore. they're going to get paid handsomely, i believe. i don't think this is a bad deal for them. because i think they are more of a media company than a search  company. and i would say that it is likely to trade a little lower  still. as analysts downgrade the stock and that will present a buying  opportunity. and microsoft just did a fabulous job here, but don't dismiss eric schmidt over at google. he will keep the pressure on them with the justice  department, and he's got the cashe w
for google or yahoo! to of content is the they do not pay for content. they have links to another news organization that is paying a reporter and a photographer and an editor to sit through the trial or go through the court records are to cover the movie review or whatever, and then the link to a website is free. so there's a disconnect in terms of the people being paid to generate the content like some of us around the table, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the web sites better linking to us and there is not a financial relationship there. >> i would like to get to the politics of this. here at "white house chronicle," when i mentioned politics, it would seem seemly that we're going to suffer. we do not have congressmen getting the scrutiny they used to. we do not have the local courts in getting the scrutiny they used to. and the state capitals, where there are often shenanigans, are not getting the press scrutiny. in maybe pompous about these, but these freedoms are disappearing, and that is not good. i was in the courts in virginia last year as a witness, and i walked from
launched an all out search with bing. does it have what it takes to beet google? ed beg has the searchoff. >> reporter: i google everything, but i might start doing a lot nor binging. it's microsoft's impressive. it's graphically a lot more appealing than google but what you really want are relevant search results and bing does a nice job. not always as comprehensive as google, but bing holds its own. >> reporter: you can read the full review on usatoday.com. >>> finally, a new way to make music. that is the react table. a multi-touch music machine developed by a researcher in barcelona. it's meant to rotate and move objects on the table, give you different sounds and you can see the music as you make it. the best part, unlike playing a piano, you don't need a lesson. just figure it out as you go. log on to the technology page for more on these stories at abcnews.com. i'm vinita nair, and those are your tech bytes. >>> good friday morning. let's get you informed on the top stories we're watching today. abc 2 news is live at shock trauma this morning where a little girl is fighting to st
of a "wall street journal" recently referred to google and yahoo! of the world as a tapeworm. >> guest: absolutely. i agree. google news especially has a wonderful way to get affirmation on any subject you type in the topic and up comes 200 are 300 articles. those were the most part were published in newspapers. the person who goes to those articles is a customer of google effectively they're not a customer of the newspaper that paid those salaries but i think until reporters and journalists and news organizations find out ways to make good will pay to take their work and selling ads against it. google is making a lot of money and makes most of the money from advertising off of the lab a. next to them is yahoo!. bit of hire reporters are paid journalist and they have no hand in creating bad news. they feed off of it like a tapeworm of feeding off of somebody's of the gut as if they are long for the ride. that is a bad model for the future because it look killed the goose that laid the golden egg until those news organizations stop creating the news, a boogaloo is will not nablus to agg
google. and...finding happiness during this gloomy economy....why one expert says now is the time to look for the positive....it's all ahead on this edition of first business. welcome to the show everybody thank you for joining us and let's bring matt shapiro of m w s capital joining us from the options exchange. it looks like the stock market is continuing to like what they are hearing from companies reporting second quarter earnings results. this morning we are going to have some big names at&t american express ups and microsoft after the close and i think this is going to put points on if we can get to the century mark that with and stalking best of distance. cochran did so with initial claims this morning and the new home sales existing home sales will see if we got enough information a positive news to push us over the top. hurt the markets are a critical levels of trying to build on the 2009 highs and certainly the jobless claim that has been a market mover in the past will see how investors take the news on thursday morning think so much matt shapiro of m w s capital well see later
between microsoft and google is getting nasty. google is upping the ante announcing this morning that it's developing a pc operating system based on its chrome browser. the new operating system named google chrome os will be an open source operating system initially geared toward netbooks that will be in the second half of next year. but it could be an uphill battle for google. microsoft already has the dominant windows operating system which controls more than 90% of the world's computers. >>> there's one benefit to the recession. you aren't wasting as much time in traffic. a texas transportation institute study says for the first time in its 25-year history rush hour traffic has declined two years running. los angeles traffic is getting better but it's still tough, the list of traffic jams. washington's task, however, is getting worse and the nation's capital now ranks second. the average u.s. driver spends more than 36 hours in traffic. michelle. >> wow, 36 hours. i hope you don't have to spend that long, claire. >> reporter: no. not me. >> good. all right. claire leka here in new yor
the 800-pound gorilla of the internet. >> reporter: make no mistake, this deal is driven by google, which burst onto the scene ten years ago to knock yahoo! for a loop and become a thorn in microsoft's side. according to internet research firm comshare, yahoo! had nearly 20% of the primary search market last month, microsoft just over 8%. the two combined total less than half of google's 65% share. while microsoft and yahoo companies argue their partnership will be good for consumers and advertisers, in separate video statements handed out to reporters, the c.e.o.'s made their motives clear. >> right now, there's one company that really dominates the world wide market for search and online advertising. the partnership we are announcing today will help to create a stronger number two and increase competition in the search area. >> yahoo! and microsoft the scale necessary to compete against google, which dominates more than 70% of all search. >> reporter: yahoo and microsoft have been dancing around the idea of combining forces for nearly three years. that dance included a hostile takeover
for the long term? a preview of tomorrow's key earnings out of ibm and google. stay with us. @ >>> the creation of a consumer protection agency. today the banking agency shared its perspective with the committee on financial services. steve bartlett is president and ceo of the financial services roundtable. he testified at that hearing. alex sanchez, president of the florida bankers association, was on the hill to raise his concerns to congress and the fdic. both join me now to discuss it. gentlemen, good to have you on the program. >> maria, good to be with you. looks like -- >> great to be with you. >> you've done your job on the market. i hope we did our job in washington. >> i hope did you too.o. i want to hear all about it. what was your sense of the hearing today?y? >> it was a good hearing. it was a good -- this was the first day, opening shot. so time will tell. i think we're going to get regulatory restructuring. i think we're going to get regulatory reform. in six months i'll tell you if on balance if was a good thing or bad thing, but i think we're going to get reform. >> i want to a
forces to try to take down google. the search for a search engine partnership and whether google's days at number one might be numbered. >>> in a world where google basically has become a verb meaning to search online, it's been almost impossible for any other company to crack the internet search market. a major deal today though could prompt a change in that. cnn.com live anchor reggie aqui here to tell us what's happening in one of the most popular stories on cnn.com right now. >> that's right. we talked awhile ago about perhaps microsoft buying yahoo!. that didn't work out. now the two are coming together on the search engine front and each getting something out of it, of course. microsoft has got this new revamped search engine called bing. and they're trying to make bing the new google. right now bing is way behind.é you know as any sort of startup if you consider microsoft a startup in the search business can be. they've teamed up now with yahoo! so bing will be powering yahoo!'s search engine. in exchange yahoo! is going to be doing the advertiser search results that come up kn
of the galaxy. stocks on a four-day winning streak into today's session but results from ge, google and bank of america keeping futures under pressure as caution takes hold. >> happy friday.. i'm rebecca jarvis in for erin burnett. builders are starting to regain some confidence as they emerge from the housing implosion. >> that's what we need. more houses. >> more of them.. >> we don't have a glut. wait, we do. futures not too bad. i'm not sure that number is accurate. i have a different number down here. so we'll double-check that. i have them down only 130. we'll triple check that. >> on the economic front, construction of new homes in june rising 3.6% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate 582,000 units. the highest level in seven months. it was driven by a rise in single family homes and in another encouraging sign for housing perhaps applications for building permits and indication of future activity that rose 8.7%. >> let's see what else is shaking out in the free market. reporters standing by. we begin with matthew here at the big board. >> a big blue chip tug of war going on between g
. >>> i'm jim goldman in the silicon valley. com score says google's search market share was unchanged at 65% in june. yahoo fell fractionally, but check it. microsoft's bing, the only gainer, 4/10 of 1% to 8.4% on the eve of google's earnings.. more on that, coming up. >> and that's part of what's moving the markets today. let's get to that. the dow tramped up for a sixth straight day and oil is push being higher. bob pisani kicks it off at the new york stock exchange and usually the transports and oil move in opposite directions. not this time around, bob. >> relative positive news from csx recently, relatively positive, good cost-cutting and positive comments from them. the s&p, sue, in the last three days, up 5.3%. that is one of the best three day rallies that we have seen since the march bottom. take a look so far today. remember what happened on march, rather monday, we saw a nice move up through the financials rallying. today, of course, we're seeing partly techs, but not just techs, sue, because we have a weak dollar here, and strengthen china with the shanghai index at a 52-
: jonathan hunt, thank you for that. well, if you have a question and a computer, you google it, right? that's what most of us do. google years ago passed those other search engines as our favorite by far. tonight what the other guys are now doing. the new search engine, the new partnership in the great big internet world. wait until you hear about this. when morning comes in the middle of the night... rooster crow. ...it affects your entire day. to get a good night's sleep, try 2-layer ambien cr. the first layer dissolves quickly to help you fall asleep. and unlike other sleep aids, a second dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep. when taking ambien cr, don't drive or operate machinery. sleepwalking, and eating or driving while not fully awake with memory loss for the event as well as abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and halluciations may occur. don't take it with alcohol as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and in rare cases may be fatal
are tying each other together on the search engine story in order to take on google. i want to talk about this. john forbes, senirom fortune, s writer. and paul. please forgive me, i used your line all show, you can't put two bricks together and make them fly. i love that. now, you can explain it. >> the two bricks in the story here are obviously yahoo and microsoft when it comes to search, put the two companies together and combine the respective shares of the marketplace in the u.s. you end up with 25% share small compared to google and world-wide, 8%, and even smaller compared to google world-wide. and they really are nowhere in the marketplace targeting. >> google has about 65% market share searches. as paul said, yahoo and microsoft together have about, what, 25%. does this deal work? there's so much skepticism about this deal, microsoft and yahoo. >> absolutely. in search, the more people you can get to use it, the better it becomes. microsoft has knocked effectively triple its market share. the technology has to be good and in the past, hasn't been. at least they're in the game now
microsoft and google with both companies trying to seize the market in two decidedly different ways. more details coming up. >>> i'm john harwood in washington, president obama moments ago said health care reform will happen, time line under pressure, i got off the phone with a house leadership aide, says the democratic bill will be unveiled not to today as planned but tomorrow, insist they are going to pass this bille by the august recess but becoming a real long shot in the senate. >>> get to the markets, mary thompson kick it is off at the new york stock exchange. all concerns about cit, a strong day? >>> it is, financials are passion the decline, despite the weak tons cit. lender to small and medium-sized businesses basically asking for help from the government now and also reportedly hired a lawyer to explore bankruptcy, but again financials are the story today, strength across-the-board on a couple of reasons, first of all, a number of them will be reporting their earnings in the week ahead. goldman kicks it off tomorrow. analyst meredith whitney raising goldman to a buy from mute t
into internet media and when you look at companies like google and the search engines profiting from it's remarkable there are sites like ours that are profitable off advertising dollars. we have no subscriptions. >> charlie: and what about this person? >> one interest thing about her is she has emerged -- i mean she's somebody people like it read about in america and not true of many congressional leaders. she's not just a washington figure. she's really -- although i think he's proven more resistant to caricature and republican attack, there's an attempt to cast her as this sort of wacko, san francisco character. >> charlie: and more baltimore democrat than san francisco democrat. >> her approval ratings are low or lower than dick cheney. >> charlie: it it means what she has an approval ratedings so low? >> the republicans have not turned her into the democratic version of newt gingrich who's name was linked to any r&b republican a democrat was trying to run against but that's a problem when one of the faces of your party is as popular as dick cheney. the didn't finish that popular at
up in the 2:00 hour. google earth is now google earth and moon. now you can see the moon on google earth. we'll zoom in and show you. obviously today a big day in apollo history. coming up at 2:00. >> they keep expanding that, don't they? >> they had google ocean. now they have google moon. >>> they risk their lives to go where no man had gone before. four decades later, does anybody remember their names? you'll be surprised by what we found out. how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. at legalzoom, we'll help you incorporate your business, file a patent, make a will and more. you can complete our online questions in minutes. then we'll prepare your legal documents and deliver them directly to you. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at legalzoom.com we put the law on your side. >>> straight to the president at children's national medical center in washington talking about reforming health care. >> michael nap and kathleen quigley, i just had the opportunity to talk to doctors, nurses and physician's assistants and administrators
's why the intels and the ciscos and the apples and the oracles and the googles not to mention the software companies or little guys like semiconductors can do well. those are all stocks i've been relling on the show. by the way, i think that apple can go to 200 in the next few months. it's the most immune to washington stock that i can find unless they start taxing ipods. i want you to think about this non-washington halo tomorrow if the nasdaq is down because amazon reported disappointing earnings tonight. yes, i still like amazon. here's the bottom line. tech can shine simply because it's practically the only sector that's not touched by obama or pelosi's agenda. what a multiyear theme. could last 3 1/2 years. because you can bet this one -- well, let's just say until people catch on about what's going on in washington will remain undiscovered and the stock prices will go much higher and, yes, there's going to be a lot more stuffings knocked out of the bear. i say we take calls. anyone else agree? okay. how about we speak to michelle. michelle? >> caller: jim. i'm calling ab
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